Talk: We’re Doomed! Writing The End of the World

by Margrét Helgadóttir:

The talk focuses on fiction on the apocalypse/post apocalypse and how to survive it. Helgadóttir discusses this from the author’s view: why is it interesting to write about it, why is it popular to write about it, and how is it possible to write about it. She will discuss possible futuristic scenarios, realistic (or totally unrealistic), unknown (or known), with basis in her own book The Stars Seem So Far Away and other apocalyptic and post apocalyptic books, covering different scenarios as climate, plagues, zombies, meteors etc. She also discusses how our view of what a realistic end of the world looks like has changed over the last century. Helgadóttir will focus on the positive/optimistic despite the gloomy
title, and how it is possible to write positive fiction about such a dark theme. She asks: “maybe we authors should try to give hope?”